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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Social Media Legal Update from Strategically Social

There have been quite a few legal developments in the social media area lately, which are covered on the Strategically Social blog.  Here is a brief recap and links to these posts.

New Bill Exempts Professional Accounts from Social Media Password Ban
SB 2306 proposes to amend the recently enacted Illinois law that prohibits employers from requiring employees and candidates to turn over social media passwords.  The amendment would clarify that the ban does not apply to “professional accounts,” defined as an “account, service, or profile created, maintained, used or accessed by a current or prospective employee for business purposes of the employer.”

HB 64, enacting the Right to Privacy in the School Setting Act, passed both houses of the Illinois General Assembly. The bill protects personal social media passwords of elementary, secondary school, and post-secondary school students, although the law would treat college students differently than other students.

Illinois Passes Law Targeting Violent Flash Mobs
A few recent, widely publicized incidents in Chicago spurred the Illinois General Assembly to enact legislation to toughen penalties on violent flash mob participants.  SB 1005, which passed both houses and was sent to the Governor for signature would increase the penalties for "mob action" from three to six years where the use of electronic communications is involved.

Colorado is 10th State to Adopt Social Media Password Protection Law
Maryland was the first, and Illinois the second to pass a law prohibiting employers from requiring or requesting that job candidates or employees turn over their social media account passwords.  Colorado recently became the 10th state to adopt a social media password protection law. 


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