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Friday, October 28, 2016

Legislature Tries to Take All the Fun Out of Pokemon Go!

Readers who play Pokemon Go, as well as government property owners with pokestops and gyms located on their properties (virtually, of course) may be interested in legislation proposed by the Illinois House in August. 

HB 6601 is called the Location-based Video Game Protection Act. If this bill passes, property owners or agents (which would include municipalities, park districts, and other public and private property owners) would be authorized to request the removal of sites on ecologically sensitive or historically significant properties, sites that are deemed dangerous by the property owner, and sites on privately owned propertyfrom the Pokemon Go game (or similar location based video game). Once the video game developer receives a request, it has 2 business days to remove the site from the game, and a failure or refusal subjects the violator to fines of $100 per day. 

I think it's unlikely this bill will pass and question whether the law could even be enforced if it does. But, it's Friday, and it's the most interesting bill I've read recently.

By the way, this little gem is "Haunter." 

Post Authored by Julie Tappendorf


  1. Interesting. Are there any updates on this bill?

  2. The Illinois House has referred the bill to its rules committees, which usually means the bill isn't likely to go anywhere.