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Tuesday, January 6, 2015

New Publication - Zoning in the 21st Century Authored by Ancel Glink Attorneys

For all of you zoning and land use types out there, check out the new book authored by Ancel Glink's land use group called Land Use Law:  Zoning in the 21st Century, recently published by Law Journal Press.  

Ancel Glink attorneys Brent Denzin, Julie Tappendorf, Adam Simon, David Silverman, Gregory Jones, and Daniel Bolin all wrote chapters for the book.

The book is available in print and digital bundles, and you can pre-order the book by visiting the publisher's website here. 

The following is a summary of the topics discussed in the book: 

Land Use Law: Zoning in the 21st Century was created to provide land use professionals with practical advice on zoning issues and up-to-date analyses of the legal issues they are likely to encounter in their practice. 

These tools go beyond the black letter law and focus on modern examples. In some cases the tools are familiar, but used in unique ways. In others, the circumstances demand truly “outside-the-box” thinking. 

A range of modern topics is covered in this volume, including:
•    Harmonizing zoning goals
•    Promoting economic development 
•    Managing stormwater
•    Promoting pedestrian- and transit-oriented development
•    Regulating adult use establishments
•    Setting standards for gun sales and use
•    Planning for urban agriculture
•    Addressing foreclosures and blight
•    Zoning for cellular communications
•    Regulating hydraulic fracturing 
•    Planning for wind-generated energy
•    Regulating digital signage

Additionally, this volume provides appendices containing checklists, tips and guidelines, as well as sample ordinances, agreements, forms and other documents that land use professionals will find practical and helpful.


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