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Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Remember When...Municipal Minute Turns Two!

Two years ago to this day, over a long Labor Day weekend in 2011, I got the fabulous idea that I should start a blog.  Never mind that I wasn't really sure how to create or design a blog or even how to post updates, stories, and articles.  I have a great love of research and writing, so a blog sounded like a fine way to combine these two activities.  Plus, I had a whole weekend to figure it out. 
Step 1.  Write content.  Over the weekend, I wrote up four blog posts to get the blog rolling.  I knew I was in for the long haul when I could think of at least a dozen more topics I couldn't wait to blog about.
Step 2.  Find a host site.  After a bit of research, I decided on Blogger.   
Step 3.  Come up with a URL - you know, the http:// or www. "address."  The original URL was http://localgovernmentlawyer.blogspot.com.  It wasn't super creative, but it was a start.  By the way, you can still reach the blog using this link!
Step 4.  Design it.  Not so easy or fun for me - I'm a lawyer, after all, not a creative type. 
Step 5.  Name it.  This was the hardest step of all.  The name needed to be short and memorable but also informative so people would understand what this blog is all about.  My colleagues and I had a lot of fun throwing out potential names, including a few not-so-serious suggestions such as Village Tattle, Government Gossip, and Village Vice.  After a lot of back-and-forth (and laughter), Municipal Minute made the final cut, although you might be surprised to hear that MM was not the first name of this blog... 
Since September 3, 2011, Municipal Minute has gone through a formal name change (can anyone remember the initial name of the blog which lasted only a few days?) and numerous redesigns. 
From that first blog post "Tweeting into Trouble?" to the blog post with the most hits "Social Media and the City," and 370 posts later, one thing remains constant - Municipal Minute continues to  focus on publishing stories on current and (hopefully) interesting topics of interest to local government officials, employees, and others. 
Thank you to all of my readers for your support and continued reading of Municipal Minute. 


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