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Thursday, September 12, 2013

Chicago Proposes Ordinance to Ban Concealed Carry in Liquor Establishments

Update:  The City Council enacted the ordinance on September 11, 2013.

The state of Illinois' recently enacted concealed carry law already bans firearms in establishments where alcohol sales account for at least 50% of the establishment's revenues.  In an effort to expand the concealed carry ban to all businesses that serve alcohol, the City of Chicago recently introduced an ordinance amending its liquor license regulations. 

Under the proposed ordinance, no liquor license could be issued to an establishment that allows the carrying of concealed firearms. The ordinance would require licensed establishments to post a sign indicating that firearms are prohibited on the property in accordance with the state concealed carry law. Licensed establishments that hold a package liquor license would be exempt from the ordinance.  In addition, the concealed carry ban would not apply to police officers or the owner, lessee, tenant, or operator of the licensed establishment.  Licensed establishments that violate the ordinance could lose their liquor licenses.  The NRA has threatened to challenge the new ordinance, arguing it is preempted by state law.

The ordinance passed the City Council's Finance Committee, and will now go to the full City Council for final approval. You can read the ordinance here.   


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