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Wednesday, August 2, 2023

New Laws Amend Illinois Prevailing Wage Act

There were a number of changes to the Illinois Prevailing Wage Act this session affecting government contracting that local governments should be aware of. We've summarized some of these amendments below, which will take effect on January 1, 2024, except for PA 103-188 which became effective June 30, 2023:

PA 103-48 (HB 3491) - This amendment to the Prevailing Wage Act provides a right of action  to workers employed by a contractor or subcontractor who is paid less than the prevailing wage rates for the work performed on a project covered by the Act.

PA 103-188 (HB 3351) - This law extends the Prevailing Wage Act requirements to projects that are undertaken pursuant to an incentive program or initiative described in the Illinois Power Agency Renewable Energy Resources Fund and Illinois Solar for All Program, except for residential buildings or houses of worship. Effective June 30, 2023

PA 103-327 (HB 2845) - This new law amends the Prevailing Wage Act to add the removal, hauling, transportation, and disposal of biosolids, lime sludge, and lime residue from a water treatment plant or facility.

PA 103-346 (HB 3370) - This new law amends the Prevailing Wage Act to add power washing to remove paint or other coatings, oils or grease, corrosion, or debris from a surface, or to prepare a surface for a coating to the Act.

PA 103-347 (HB 3400) - This new law amends the Prevailing Wage Act to add new reporting requirements that include reporting demographic information of workers on public work projects, to include gender, race, and ethnicity broken down by the following categories: (1) type of trade; (2) whether the worker is a journey worker or apprentice; and (3) total work hours performed.

PA 103-359 (HB 3792) - This new law amends the Prevailing Wage Act to add projects involving fixtures or permanent attachments to light poles owned by a public body with an exception for work performed by employees of the public body.


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