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Friday, June 25, 2021

New Governor Disaster Declaration

We will have more for you early next week, but we wanted to let our readers know that the Governor did extend the Disaster Declaration and suspended the requirement of a physical quorum of a public body at meetings subject to the Open  Meetings  Act for another month. That means that public bodies can rely on the statutory authority in the Open Meetings Act that allows remote/hybid meetings until July 24th.

Language from this most recent disaster declaration is below:

"Section 12. For purposes of Public Act 101-0640, Article 15, section 15-5, amending the Open Meetings Act, new section 5 ILCS 120/7(e)(4), I find that the ongoing public health concerns at issue in this proclamation continue to render in-person attendance of more than ten people at the regular meeting location not feasible. However, as the number of fully vaccinated individuals in Illinois continues to increase, I do not expect to make this finding again, and public bodies should plan on its expiration as of July 24, 2021."

 Post authored by Dan Bolin & Julie Tappendorf


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