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Wednesday, October 7, 2020

IDPH COVID Guidance for Election Polling Places

Awhile back, the Illinois Department of Health (IDPH) issued COVID-19 guidance for election polling places. You can read the guidance on the IDPH's website here. A summary of some of the key provisions are below:

1. Each local election authority (usually the county or election commission) must adopt a written COVID-19 prevention plan for each polling place in its jurisdiction that includes at a minimum the following:

  • Contact person for implementation of plan
  • Safety instructions and training on cleaning and disinfection
  • Physical distancing protocols
  • Worker monitoring plan
  • Policies for ensuring compliance with social distancing, mask wearing, and disinfection of all affected surfaces
2. Placement of signage at entrances regarding face coverings

3. Distancing of election officials and pooling booths at least 6 feet apart

4. Visual cues for social distancing of voters

5. Designated break areas that allows physical distancing

6. Consider outdoor enclosures for waiting voters or encourage voters to wait in cars

7. Consider curbside voting, if practical

8. Ensure ventilation systems are operating properly

9. Replace shared objects (pens, cards, ballot covers) with single-use objects, where possible

10. Provide face coverings for voters who arrive without them

11. Voters cannot be screened for COVID-19 at the polling place nor prohibited from voting even if they refuse to wear a face covering

12. Consider plexiglass barriers

13. Routine cleaning and disinfecting of electronics and frequently touched objects and surfaces

14. Provide hand sanitizer to voters

15. Poll workers must wear a face covering at all times and practice good hygiene (hand washing; hand sanitizer)


  1. Is implementing this up to the hosting agency (such as a public library) or someone else?

  2. The guidance is directed at the election authority, which is either the county or election commission. So, it will be up to the election authority to make sure all of these rules are followed, not the hosting agency although there will likely need to be some coordination between the two for some of these requirements such as placement of signage in the facility.