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Monday, January 30, 2017

School Board Candidate Files Libel Suit for Facebook Post

A candidate for school board member has filed a libel lawsuit against individuals who commented on and shared his Facebook post. His post (which he included as part of his complaint) stated as follows:
Went to kids ball game tonight. We got two sodas, two popcorn and a candy. It took a good minute for the kids to come up with the $7 total. I gave her a $20 and two $1's. The special child (that's politically correct for window licker) looked at me and argued it was only $7. I said I know. She was clueless. Then here comes special child #2 who hands me the two $1's back. I told her I don't want them back and figure it out. I finally gave up after all four special children were lost. I had to tell them to give me $15 back and that I did it because I didn't want any $1 bills. Lord help us with the window lickers, I mean special children. [emoticons removed]
According to news sources, the candidate claims that the actions of the defendants (a special education teacher and two other individuals) in commenting on and sharing his post have damaged his business (he's an attorney) and his reputation.  He argues that contrary to the statements of the defendants, he was not disparaging special-needs children in his Facebook post. He asks for punitive damages, and an injunction to require the individuals to remove the posts. On January 24th, his request for a temporary restraining order (TRO) to have the posts removed was denied, but the remainder of his case continues and the next hearing is scheduled for February 2nd.


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