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Monday, July 18, 2016

Transgender Rights and Your Employees

The hottest topic of the year is also the most confusing for local government employers – transgender rights and how these rights relate to their employees, patrons, residents or service recipients. Illinois is one of about one-third of the states that has passed legislation prohibiting discrimination based on gender identity. But few courts have interpreted how to enforce these laws, leaving employers and local governments to speculate about such topics as:
  • What does the law require;
  • How to deal with  use of restrooms and changing areas;
  • How to accommodate individuals whose stated gender is non-conforming to their identification for purposes of services and facility use and program participation;
  • How should your employees handle sensitive patron and participant issues relating to transgender rights;
  • What policies are appropriate to adopt?
The EEOC, the Department of Justice and special interest groups are paying close attention to how employers, public agencies and private businesses are accommodating the rights of transgender individuals.  Demystifying the issues involved in transgender rights with your staff is the key to avoiding costly litigation. 

It is important that local government employers and their staff understand these cutting edge issues so that they can avoid gender identity discrimination. Ancel Glink attorneys can provide training sessions to answer questions about how to apply the law, even in the most sensitive or complicated situations, so that the rights of all individuals are respected, as well as questions about who has superior rights and what to do if a patron is uncomfortable in the restroom or changing area, to how to accommodate the rights of a transgender employee, and many more. Please contact us if you would like more information about our training sessions. 

Post Authored by Margaret Kostopulos, Ancel Glink


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