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Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Booze and Books?

On July 15th, Governor Rauner signed P.A. 99-599, amending the Illinois Liquor Control Act to allow library districts to serve alcohol during educational or cultural events. This new law permits the sale of alcoholic beverages within any building owned by a library district if the library board of trustees authorizes the sale and adopts a policy. That written policy must include provisions on how and when alcohol can be sold, and provide proof of insurance before approval of liquor sales at a specific event. The new law is as follows:
Alcoholic liquors may be delivered to and sold at retail in any building owned by a public library district, provided that the delivery and sale is approved by the board of trustees of that public library district and is limited to library fundraising events or programs of a cultural or educational nature. Before the board of trustees of a public library district may approve the delivery and sale of alcoholic liquors, the board of trustees of the public library district must have a written policy that has been approved by the board of trustees of the public library district governing when and under what circumstances alcoholic liquors may be delivered to and sold at retail on property owned by that public library district. The written policy must (i) provide that no alcoholic liquor may be sold, distributed, or consumed in any area of the library accessible to the general public during the event or program, (ii) prohibit the removal of alcoholic liquor from the venue during the event, and (iii) require that steps be taken to prevent the sale or distribution of alcoholic liquor to persons under the age of 21. Any public library district that has alcoholic liquor delivered to or sold at retail on property owned by the public library district shall provide dram shop liability insurance in maximum insurance coverage limits so as to save harmless the public library districts from all financial loss, damage, or harm.
Post Authored by Julie Tappendorf


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