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Friday, April 3, 2015

Update on State Legislation Affecting Local Governments

The Illinois General Assembly is officially on "spring break" until April 13th.  A lot happened right before the legislators headed out to Ft. Lauderdale, South Padre Island, or their home district.  The Illinois Municipal League has done a great job summarizing some of the more substantive actions taken in their March 27th IML Statehouse Briefing.  

Here's a brief summary of just a few of these bills:  

SB 1815 proposes to restrict the amount a municipality can charge for connecting to water and sewer facilities.  We've posted about this legislation before, and expressed our concerns about the impact this legislation would have on municipal finances and facilities, and how it might affect previously established special service areas, recapture agreements, and bonds. This bill is still in committee.

HB 2717 is one of the many bills requiring units of government to post an extensive amount of information and documentation on their websites.  This bill even requires a government to create a website if they don't already have one.  This bill has moved out of committee and is going to the house floor for a vote.

SB 1206 would amend the TIF Act to require all municipalities to approve a tax increment redevelopment plan or project (not just the municipality who is establishing the TIF) if a school district overlaps multiple municipalities.  This bill is now in second reading.  

SB  36 would amend the School Code to require school districts to comply with local zoning.  

There are many, many other bills pending in the legislature that affect local authority and control.

Post Authored by Julie Tappendorf


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