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Thursday, March 5, 2015

New House Bills Affecting Local Governments

The Illinois House deadline for introducing new legislation was last week, and we have a couple of new bills to share with you that affect local governments:

House Bill 248:  This bill would amend the Open Meetings Act to allow a court to declare null and void any final action taken in open session at a meeting that violates the Act.  Currently, only actions taken in closed session can be invalidated by a court. The Illinois Municipal League has expressed concerns about this bill, particularly where the violation was inadvertent and unintentional (i.e., a meeting notice fell off the door where it was posted through no fault of anyone).  

House Bill 1525:  This bill would amend the Prevailing Wage Act to exempt from the Act any public works project with a total cost of $20,000 or less if the public body notifies the Department of Labor at least 60 days prior to commencing the project.

House Bill 261: This bill would allow a public body to post notices on its official government website instead of publishing those notices in the newspaper, where newspaper publication would otherwise be required.

Post Authored by Julie Tappendorf


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