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Tuesday, November 28, 2023

Municipality Properly Denied Liquor License Based on Previous Denial of a Business License

A local liquor commission denied a liquor license to a proposed social club based on the proposed club's failure to obtain a business license, which had been previously denied because of a lack of parking for the business. The proposed club's owner appealed the denial to the State Liquor Commission, which upheld the denial, and the owner appealed to the circuit court. 

The circuit court upheld the denial, finding that both the local liquor commission's and the State Liquor Commission's decisions denying the issuance of a liquor license were "well-supported by the record." On appeal to the Appellate Court, the proposed club's owner argued that the denial was contrary to state statute and a violation of his civil rights. The Appellate Court rejected the owner's arguments and upheld the denial of the liquor license, finding that the municipality properly denied a liquor license where the proposed club had been previously denied a business license because of a lack of sufficient parking for the club. Sledge v. Village of Melrose Park.


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