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Tuesday, November 5, 2019

Sharing Meme Creates Controversy at Work

In yet another installment in a never-ending saga of "be careful what you post on social media," a 23-year old employee of a stone company claims he was fired after posting the following meme on his Facebook page:

As you can see from one of the comments and then the employee's response, the employee seemed surprised that the posting might create an issue with his job as in his view, he simply "shared a funny meme" while off-duty. But, as we have seen through other examples of similar social media postings, not all personal social media activities are protected, and the consequences of one "funny meme" can be pretty significant. 

The employer responded to the initial news story about this incident to contradict the employee's claim that he was fired for his social media activities. According to the employer, the employee was not fired for posting the meme, and in fact worked for two days after the posting before walking off the job. Now that the employee has retained an attorney, we may have to wait for a court decision to see which story carries more weight.   


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