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Thursday, February 15, 2018

Library District Annexation Bill Introduced

There has been quite a bit of new legislation introduced over the past few weeks, including a recent bill that would affect library districts in Illinois.

HB 4519 would amend the Public Library District Act to mandate that a referendum be held prior to annexing territory to a library district of any property that meets the following criteria: (1) the territory is within the boundaries of a municipality/school district that is within the district, (2) the territory is contiguous to the district, and (3) the territory is not served by a local public library. 

Currently, the law only requires a referendum to annex territory meeting this criteria if 10% of the voters in (a) the library district or (b) the property to be annexed file a petition for a referendum (what is known as a backdoor referendum). If this bill passes, however, the library board will be required to submit the question of annexation to referendum after it passes the annexation ordinance and only if a majority vote in favor of the referendum can the territory be annexed to the library district. 


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