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Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Happy Anniversary! A One Year Review of Municipal Minute

It's been a year since we started Municipal Minute with the intention of providing updates on cases, laws, and other legal issues facing local governments.  In the past year, we have reported on land use cases from around the country, opinions in the area of FOIA and Open Meetings Act, legal and ethical issues with government social media use, and other matters important to local government officials, employees, and attorneys. 

In celebration of our anniversary, we revisit some of the blog's more popular posts, "Twitter-style":
Is social media content a public record? 10/12/11

"Social Media in the City" - recently published article in Municipal Lawyer  1/11/12

Texts on private cell phones may be a public record subject to FOIA 11/17/11, 6/25/12

New reporting requirements for government employee salaries and benefits 10/6/11, 7/24/12

New laws restrict employers from asking for employee/candidate Facebook passwords 3/28/12, 4/13/12, 4/20/12

Clicking "Like" on Facebook is not protected speech 9/7/12

Rental inspection ordinance found unconstitutional 1/26/12

Municipalities can collect outstanding debt through local debt recovery program 2/15/12

Telecommunications Act amendment limits local control over collocation of new facilities and removal or replacement of existing facilities 2/27/12

Is an elected official an employee?  3/5/12

PAC issues binding opinions in FOIA and OMA appeals (2010, 2011, and 2012) 12/5/11, 12/6/11, 4/9/12


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