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Thursday, May 31, 2012

HB222 Heads to the Governor: Requires Additional Salary Disclosures

HB222, sponsored by Representative Jack Franks, extends the reach of the Illinois Transparency and Accountability Portal (ITAP) to municipalities, counties and townships, but excludes all other forms of local government.  Under the bill, Central Management Services would have to expand ITAP to create a searchable database of all current county, township and municipal employees sortable by (i) employing unit of government, (ii) employment position title, and (iii) current pay rate and year-to-date pay.  Likewise, the Counties Code, Township Code and Municipal Code are each amended to require compliance with rules that will be established by CMS for providing the information that will populate the database.  The bill contains a home rule preemption.
In addition to creating an unfunded mandate for municipalities and other government entities, the proposed legislation also aggregates information that is already largely available under the recently enacted salary posting requirement under the Open Meetings Act.  Unfortunately, this bill seems to apply to all employees, including seasonal, part-time and temporary employees - even those who make minimum wage or who don't qualify for IMRF.
Make sure to watch for new rules from CMS regarding the uploading of salary and employee information once the bill is signed by the Governor.
Post Authored by Adam Simon, Ancel Glink


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