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Thursday, April 12, 2012

APA Planning & Law Division Spring Newsletter Released

The Planning & Law Division of the American Planning Association (APA) just released their Spring 2012 newsletter.  This edition is packed with information that is both timely and relevant to local government and land use planners, lawyers, and officials.  Jennie Nolan is the editor of the newsletter editor, with assistance from student editorial board members Steven Gavin and Edward Teyber, and editorial advisory board members Patty Salkin and Ancel Glink attorney David Silverman.

Below is a very brief summary of some of the articles you will find in the newsletter.  You can also access the full newsletter here.  Also, if you aren't already a member of the PLD division of the APA, you should join ASAP!

Urban Farming:  Zoning for Growing and Distributing Food in Portland Neighborhoods

Author Carrie Richter provides an overview of Portland's local, urban food movement, including community gardens, farmers markets, and food co-ops, as well as some of the recent zoning code changes that have been introduced to address these new uses.

Cellular Antennas, Shot Clocks, and Zoning:  Two Years Later

A brief summary of this article was previously posted on the blog by Ancel Glink's own Adam Simon.

Getting Real About Shrinking Cities

Author Don Elliott writes about the impact from the recent dramatic population losses in Youngston, Ohio, and what that City has done to address these losses.  For example, he discusses amendments to the zoning code to enact separate rules for the reuse of existing structures, new regulations to encourage urban agriculture on vacant land in Youngstown, and reducing services to defined areas by encouraging residents to move to areas that are less expensive to serve. 

Knitting Green Infrastructure into the Urban Fabric:  An Overview of Municipal Policies

Third year law student Annie Kline provides an overview of municipal strategies to incorporate green infrastructure into its community goals.

U.S. Supreme Court Bolsters Landowners Rights when Contesting Agency Non-Compliance Letters

Ancel Glink attorney Brent Denzin analyzes the Supreme Court's decision in Sackett v. EPA


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