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Saturday, December 31, 2011

Blog in Review 2011 – Twitter-Style

In recognition of all who successfully populate the Twitterverse with succinct, to-the-point content, we have summarized the most popular Municipal Minute posts of 2011, in 140 characters or less:

AG releases OMA training program required for elected and appointed officials.  9/21, 12/27

Governments must post salaries of certain employees. 10/6

PAC issues binding opinions on FOIA requests for review in 2010 and 2011. 12/5, 12/6

Recent changes to FOIA favorable to governments. 9/3

Texts on personal cell phones are public records may be subject to release under FOIA. 11/17

Government officials should beware of disqualifying conflicts of interest. 9/14

How to avoid council wars and power plays.  9/19

Governments tweeting into trouble? 9/3

Guidelines for drafting social media policies.  9/26, 9/27

NLRB Report summarizes employee social media cases. 10/31

Is social media content a public record? 10/12

Chicago’s weed ordinance upheld on aesthetic grounds. 12/12

Just compensation determined at time of taking, not filing of condemnation action. 12/2

Court rules in favor of municipality in billboard case where removal tied to lease term. 11/16

DC assault weapon ban and handgun limits upheld but long gun limits struck down. 11/11

Happy New Year!


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