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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Turkeys and Land Use?

Just last week, the board of county commissioners of Gibson County, Indiana reviewed a draft of a proposed subdivision control ordinance.  Apparently, the county currently has no zoning or subdivision regulations in place as land use regulation has been a controversial topic in the county for decades. 

The new subdivision ordinance would establish regulations for future minor and major subdivisions, including street, lot, and utility standards.  The proposed subdivision ordinance does not, however, regulate turkeys.  That became clear at a recent county commissioner meeting when a homeowner asked if the new ordinance would prevent a turkey farm from locating near her home.  The county attorney responded that the subdivision ordinance does not regulate or control the use of land, including turkey farming, concluding that:  “We do not have any type of zoning.” 

Besides providing a very simple illustration of the regulatory distinction between subdivision and zoning ordinances, this story is the only land use issue that is in any way relevant (yes, it's a stretch) to the upcoming holiday. 

Happy Thanksgiving!


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