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Thursday, April 15, 2021

Bills Introduced in Illinois General Assembly to Amend Open Meetings Act

Yesterday, we reported on a number of bills introduced in the Illinois General Assembly to amend FOIA. Today, we summarize some of the bills that propose amendments to the Open Meetings Act (OMA).

HB 1765 - If approved, this would amend the OMA to prohibit law enforcement agencies from conducting background checks on speakers at meetings of public bodies except to provide security to protect public officials and others in attendance.

HB 2818 - If approved, this would expand the definition of "public body" under the OMA to include governing bodies formed by intergovernmental agreements (IGA).

HB 2819 - If approved, this would amend the OMA to require public bodies to publish or post notice 10 days in advance of changing the regular meeting dates, times, or locations.

HB 2830 - If approved, this would amend the OMA to prohibit public bodies from meeting remotely in closed session and require a physical quorum of the public body to be present for the closed session.

SB 482 - If approved, this would expand the alternative remote meeting provisions adopted during the pandemic to remove the requirement that there be a state disaster declaration in place and allow the head of the public body to find that it is not practical or prudent to conduct an in-person meeting or that it is in the best interests of the public body and its residents to hold a remote meeting.

SB 2246 - This bill is similar to SB 482.

SB 2356 - If approved, this would modify the requirement for a semi-annual review of the closed session meeting minutes to require flexibility for ad hoc committees or those that do not meet regularly.


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